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How to Save Movies to iPad?

Have just got your new iPad? You will find it so amazing to watch movies on iPad with the bright 9.7-inch widescreen.Mentioned to the movie recourses on iPad, would you like to save movies to iPad from your movie collection on your hard drive or buy the movies again from the iTunes Store? Of course you want to save movies to iPad from your computer. But there comes a problem - most of your movies are not supported by the iPad!

Don't depressed! If there is a problem, there is a resolution. Here we will tell you a perfect resolution for saving videos to iPad when they are not in the format supported by iPad. What you need is the most professional iPad Converters, which can convert all kinds of movies, including DVD, AVI, WMV, MKV, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, etc. to iPad format.

Now download a free trial and follow the guide to learn how to save movies to iPad with it step by step.

free download to save movies to ipad

TIPS: For Mac users, the Video to iPad Converter for Mac will help you save videos to iPad on Mac.

Guide: How to Save Movies to iPad

Step 1. Run Program
Install the iPad Converters and run program, then select the icon "Video to iPad" to save common movies to iPad. If you want to save DVD to iPad, please choose the icon "DVD to iPad" and go on.

run program for saving movies to ipad

Step 2. Set Parameters
Import the target movies into the program by clicking the "Open file" button. Then select the output format from the "Profile" drop-down list and establish an output folder to save the converted videos.

output settings for saving videos onto ipad

Step 3. Start Conversion
Click the big "Convert" button to start to the conversion.

When the conversion finished, you can save videos to iPad with iTunes smoothly. Done! Now you have completed the whole progress of saving videos onto iPad and can enjoy your favorite movies on your iPad freely! So easily, is it? Why not free download a trial and try to save movies to iPad at once!

download the trial to save movies to ipad

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